DNP Programs in North Carolina

If you’ve ever once contemplated getting a DNP degree in North Carolina, there is not any better moment than right now. You could opt to receive a normal degree by going through one of the many North Carolina DNP programs around. You’ll take courses that are particularly connected to this sector of being a nurse, along with other courses that are directed towards an overall understanding of the nursing field. On top of that, you will have a chance to participate in electives that will give you a opportunity to expand your intellectual pursuits.

Aside from the DNP programs in North Carolina, you can actually be a part of national degree programs because you could have each of your courses through the World Wide Web. This has become a very sought after choice as people become more dependent on the internet and the technology too. Chaotic schedules could easily be kept if you get your DNP degree in North Carolina on the web rather than the class. The certification is the same but the venue is entirely something new.

Reasons to Get in a DNP Program

By becoming a Doctor of Nursing Practice, you’ll have almost the same knowledge as a Medical Doctor.. Unlike MDs, DNPs will have additional time to spend with folks directly, they’re going to have to be able to treat and diagnose. North Carolina DNP programs are accessible for those who want advanced knowledge, but not in an academic role unlike other PhD programs. A DNP degree in North Carolina balances quality hands on care and leadership

Want do you Need before Enrolling in DNP Programs in North Carolina

Depending on whether the starting point is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or a Masters in Science of Nursing (MSN) will dictate the path taken.

Credit Requirements for DNP Programs

  • With a BSN, the program will take 73 to 94 credit hours.
  • With a Masters in Science of Nursing, the program will take 34 credit hours.

DNP programs in NC depend on selected advanced practice speciality

Types of Training of a DNP degree in North Carolina

The advanced practice of medicine requires specialized coursework, but these are some of the basics.

  • Clinical Inquiry Seminar
  • Health Care Economics and the Business of Practice
  • Advanced Health Promotion Across Diverse Cultures

When Will I Graduate?

To become a Doctor of Nursing Practice, expect it to take at least 3 years of full time study.

What to Consider Before Attending

Before pursuing this degree, some considerations of the following must be made: area of speciality, distance and online learning, and the current degree held. Checkout the schools below and on the right for DNP schools. You can request information from our website direct from out website!

SchoolDepartmentAddress 1Address 2CityPhone Number
Duke UniversitySchool of NursingDUMC 3322, 307 Trent DriveP.O. Box 6050Durham919-684-9163, 919-684-3786